The Pantoffel | House Slipper or Chew Toy?

We had a long term patron of our Pantoffel come into the store and buy her usual two pairs of Gorilla Black and one pair of Royal Red Pantoffel. We had our small talk as we always did asking about the family and her dog Alex. She got her three pairs and we cheerfully said our farewells, knowing we would see eachother again in a few years as we have always done.

Three weeks past and she came into the store somewhat flustered with a slight grin on her face. We looked at eachother and I had to ask why she was back so soon, whereas she started to tell me her story with a slight chuckle:

“I have come here for many years and always get the same three pairs of house slippers. My husband has fallen in love with his pair of The Pantoffel over years and I don’t think that he could go a day without slipping into them at least once. Our dog Alex also loves the house slippers dearly and tries to get to them on every opportunity he can, chewing them up like his favorite play toy. I always buy an extra pair to keep around so Alex doesn't get in trouble when he absolutely tears daddy’s Pantoffel apart. My husband was at work the other day and I was busy cleaning the house when Alex suddenly found the extra pair of The Pantoffel that I was hiding and managed to tear both pairs apart. So I came here quickly and wanted to get a new pair to make sure Alex does not get in trouble!”

We laughed together at the absurd story and we talked for a bit longer being happy it was so soon that we would see eachother again. Because she was a long term patron and we have known each other for years I gave her two pairs of Alex's favourite Gorilla Black Pantoffel for the price of one, jokingly saying

“This one is one the house for Alex!”