The Pantoffel | Giving back to the community

Our family manufactory has been around for such a long period of time that we have become part of the fabric in our local community. Patrons from all around Berlin have been coming to our little workshop for decades and enjoying our handmade Pantoffel. Being part of the community we have always seen it as our responsibility to give back and help make the world a little bit better. 

We believe that giving back with our own time and energy is the most fulfilling and rewarding. The children are our future and craftsmanship should be carried on for the generations to come. Multiple times a year we get the opportunity to attend children “Volksfest” folks festival, where children from all over Berlin come together and get the chance to do arts and crafts with many different people that offer handmade goods, face painting and the like. It is a place where we can share our family tradition with the younger generation and give them the chance to make their own little baby Pantoffel, some kids staying the whole day making one after another until almost being forced to leave by their parents. This presents us with a great chance to give back and bring joy to children from all over.

Over the years small groups have started asking for a private tour of the facility or as a field trip destination for a school class. We wanted to give back more to our community so it was decided that every two weeks we would have a tour of our family manufactory free of charge for the people that could benefit the most from it. Over the years we have had dozens and dozens of children field trips, where we go through the whole process and the kids get the opportunity to learn about craftsmanship and the real work behind making something as simple as a house slipper. Also different women groups have come in as a destination for tradition handmade heritage from Berlin Germany. The group we love to have over the most are the elderly that come in and have the chance to get out of their usual routine and talk with us and my Father about the past, whilst admiring our process and getting to see real manufacturing work done with old tradition in the 21st century.