The Pantoffel | Slipped into the moment

Over the years we have had many people come back and get a new pair of The Pantoffel. Every now and then we get to hear of stories that our customers have experienced with our house slippers.

A few years ago a Lady came in and bought 4 pairs of our Original Pantoffel having heard from us through a friend. Nothing seemed unusual at the time, people come in often and get pairs for the entire family. 

A week and a half passed and the Lady came back into our little manufactory and asked for the same 4 pairs of our Original Pantoffel that she bought only a few days prior. Wanting to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the earlier pair I asked if something was wrong and that I would exchange them free of charge. 

Blushing she began to tell me her story: “I heard about you when visiting a friend of mine and being offered The Pantoffel as a guest house slipper when I came in the door. I was so delighted by the experience that I had to buy my family a pair! Our family immediately started to wear them all around the house, no one could be seen indoors without The Pantoffel on. Over the weekend we had friends over from abroad with their two children and when they were about to leave the children did not want to go without The Pantoffel that they got to know and fall in love with. So we gave them our pairs as a perfect present from Berlin.”

We were thrilled to hear such a unique story from her and bid our farewells, getting back to our daily work with the pleasurable thought of The Pantoffel being worn somewhere in the world.