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London Red | Kids


The London Red Kid’s Pantoffel is made with original european felt. Each piece of textile is individually punched with our over 80 year old mechanical press. The Kid’s Pantoffel is then formed by hand in the same manner as it has been for over a century, to create a soft and seamless slipper. We lastly firmly attach the Poro sole to the rest of the slipper, through a lacing technique, where the yarn is pulled through pitch to ensure longevity and durability.

The Kid’s Pantoffel is only available with the Poro sole to ensure the children have the best grip possible. 

Each pair of Pantoffel has one original Junemann rivet of certification, which ensures that you always know left from right.

  • Outer material: Textile
  • Lining and Insole: Textile
  • Outsole: Other Material

Designed and crafted by Junemann

Each pair of The Pantoffel is uniquely handcrafted and therefore may slightly vary from the picture.


The original way of making a traditional Pantoffel is by handcrafting the house slipper from a single mold. Therefore the Pantoffel are identical when first worn and over time form to your feet creating a unique slipper for your individual foot.

Unlike the Felt soles the 'Poro' soles are made from a rubber like substance individually stamped by hand and fastened to the bottom of the Pantoffel. These soles allow for more grip. For the Elderly and Children the 'Poro' soles are the best choice, for they ensure extra safety and traction.

  • Leaves no traces
  • More durable
  • Extra traction


    For the best fit make sure to purchase 1 entire size larger than your original shoe size, so your heel can rest on the sole in the most comfortable manner.

    Here you can find all our Poro Pantoffel.

    For the best fit make sure to purchase 1 entire size larger than your original shoe size, so your heel can rest on the sole in the most comfortable manner.

    US (Kids)
    UK (Kids)
    23 7 6
    24 8 7
    25 9 8
    26 9.5 8.5
    27 10 9
    28 11 10
    29 11.5 10.5
    30 12 11
    31 13 12
    32 1 13
    33 2 1.5
    34 3 2.5
    35 4 3.5

    We offer all our Pantoffel in Oversize

    The Pantoffel is made for almost every foot. For people that have a shoe size bigger and have a hard time finding the right fit, we offer shoe size up to 17/18 [ M | F ]. 

    The Oversized Pantoffel is manufactured in a similar manner as the original Pantoffel and start at size 13 | 14 [ M | F ].


    Oversize Pantoffel Original

    Due to the larger sole the Pantoffel does not fully wrap around the back of the house slipper and is processed the same way as the Kid’s Pantoffel with an open heal as seen in the picture below:


    Felt and Poro Pantoffel Original

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